skyscraper technique

Skyscraper Technique: Link Building Strategies for SEO

Get the best of link building! We decided to put together all link building techniques we could think of. We currently have more than 60!

Your feedback and ideas will be highly appreciated. Let’s work together and make this ultimate checklist useful for as many people as possible.

1. Skyscraper technique

A skyscraper is almost a legendary link building technique. It’s time-consuming, but if it’s done properly, you’ll get quality backlinks, targeted traffic and possible business connections.

It’s a combination of perfect content, research, competitor backlink analysis and email outreach. The process is covered in this link building guide.

skyscraper technique

These are the main 4 steps:

  1. Find good content with quality backlinks
  2. Find the contact details of the people behind these websites
  3. Write better content
  4. Outreach the prospects


2. Content-based link building

The hardest, yet the most efficient technique. Create content that will naturally attract readers, social shares, and referral traffic. Get inspired in our Learn SEO guide.

When you write, pay attention to readability. Content has to be well-structured and without grammar errors. There are many tools to help out. ShoutMeLoud made a nice list.

Watch out for flow, adverbs usage, passive voice index, unique words, or estimated reading time. Of course, this depends on your target audience.


3. Top lists

There are many, but if you have unique and relevant data it should be a success. When we published the Top keywords list, it was our most visited blog post in 2016.

When writing top lists, think about timing and prepare to dig deep into data.

These are the most important tasks:

  1. Analyze search results for your main keywords
  2. Write something more comprehensive, unique
  3. If you have your own data, the job will be easier
  4. If your topic is time-sensitive, make sure you choose the right time


4. Produce educational content

Google SERP is full of “How to” articles. Publishers think it’s easy to educate. Well, it can be, but the amount of recycled content out there won’t attract readers just like that.

On the other hand, you can always target a specific group of people with your own opinions and unique insights.


5. Case studies

Case studies can be a backlinks gold mine! That’s why I’ve dedicated a special point to them. Case studies are always unique and bring new information. Make sure to have proven data, do your research, try to experiment and test industry myths.

When writing a case study it’s good to list:

  1. Challenge
  2. Data background
  3. Selected time frame
  4. Results
  5. Key takeaways

6. So-called “Green content”

Yes, it’s a content, but very specific and beneficial when it comes to gaining high-quality links. If it’s good enough and deals with the most up-to-date issues, not only environmentally-friendly organizations will share it.

Environmental threats such as climate change, water pollution or species extinction have been discussed widely for years. Who knows, maybe you will become an influencer who will help to save the Earth.



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