Six important benefits of sales force automation

These are the six important benefits of Sales Force Automation….





In one of my previous articles, I have defined Sales Force Automation , but in a better way . Sales Force Automation is the process of empowering your sales team so as that they can reach potential and current customers with the right products or services. Like I also tell you in one of my articles on customer relationship management, there is nothing like ” I am a customer service agent and I have nothing to do with Sales. The three front offices are expected to work together in order to raise exit barrier for customers.

#1 Automation of sales process
One of the benefits of Sales Force Automation is the automation of collection and distribution of sales information. Through sales force automation, you are able to pass sales information to your potential and current customers without having them come down to your office. This helps the sales team to generate more sales for the organisation.

sales force automation

#2 Sales force efficiency
One other benefit of Sales Force Automation is the increase in sales efficiency. Through sales, the sales department can carry out what is called mobile sales force where they can customize their products and services, generate order , quotation and receipt among others through sales force automation.

#3 Timely sharing of data
One other benefit of sales force automation is timely sharing of data. With internet connection and software, the sales team can update their connection on new developments in products and services. This can also receive updates through the medium as well.

#4 Shortened sales cycle
Sales Force Automation also help organisations in reducing their sales cycle. Through the help of sales force automation, organisations can remove processes that are not adding to sales processes . This will also help them to reduce the time that they needed to wait before getting customer information or other important facts.

#5 Field  reporting
This is another feature of Sales Force Automation. It helps organisation sales staff that are outside the organisation to send live updates on all their activities on the field to the sales manager and other top personnel in the organisation without having to come down to the office. This will help them to come down to the office. This help them to get more customers and save cost.

#6 Access to customer information
Sales Force Automation also allow the organisation to have a centralized database where customers information are stored. With this, the information about customers are now available to both front office and back office. They are now about to use this to take major decisions about customers.


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