Seven types of policies you need for an E-Commerce website

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Here are the seven types of policies you need for an e-commerce website…




In this article, I will quickly look at Eight types of Policy statements that you must have for an E-commerce website in order to avoid unnecessary litigation. Follow me as we look at this together.


#1 Copyright and trademark policy
This policy establishes the guidelines that third parties must follow when they want to use any of your copyrighted materials and trademarks that has been registered in your name.

#2 Link and third party content policy

This set the rules for linking to your website as well as how you also link to other website. That means there is a policy guiding both inbound and outbound link for your website.



#3 Privacy policy
This policy guides how the organisation gathers, disclose or use customers  personal information that are provided to them.


#4 Indemnity policy
This policy covers the liabilities that will be on the company as a result of errors or omissions committed by the E-Commerce website while customers are transacting business on their website.


#5 Liability policy
This Policy explains the limit explains the limit that the organisation can go to take responsibility in case of any incident that occurs while transacting business with customers.


#6 Arbitration policy
This Policy explains the legal actions that the company can take or can be taken against the company in case of any incidents that happens between them and customers.

#7 Security policy
This Policy explains the essential rules that explains the protection of confidential and sensitive information on the website. It shows procedures that are put in place in order to ensure that information provided on the website are secured.

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