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Examining Service Strategy In IT Service Management


Examining Service Strategy In IT Service Management


Here are the eight major goals of Service Strategy in IT Service Management…


Service Strategy is the process of envisaging or planning your service in ITIL so that you can determine the outcome.

Service strategy allows you to predict the final outcome before you even embark on any service.

This will help you to understand the likely challenges you are going to face. You will be able to plan how you can tackle those challenges.


There are two main objectives of Service strategy. One of the reasons for carrying it out is to prevent conflicts later.

You will not want a situation where you misplaced your priority. Another reason is that you want to have a basis for your decisions.
When you are taking any decision, you should be convinced about why you are taking them. You will not want to jump the gun with any I.T Project. The end result might be disastrous. 

Transfer service to strategic assets
The major objective of having Service Strategy in IT Service Management is to transfer service management into a strategic asset.
That means you will be able to modify the information so that it can become part of the organisational process asset of the organisation.

In this article, I want to look at some of the goals of service strategy. This will enable you to plan adequately on how you are going to achieve results. Let’s delve into that discussion.

What is and what is not
First and foremost, when you are planning a service strategy in an organisation or IT Project, you are trying to know what is and what is not.
This will help you to identify the recipient of those services as well as what they are expecting from you.

Identifying the service recipient will also help you to communicate with them. This will allow all stakeholders to work towards achieving IT Project goals.
#1 enumerate alternatives
When you are coming up with Service Strategy, you should be able to enumerate the alternatives that you have.

You should know why the plan that you later choose is better than other competing alternatives. This will help you to defend your action and work towards achieving your laudable goals. 

#2 creating values for customers
Another purpose of Service Strategy In IT Service management is to create value for customers. Whatever you are doing must be centred on customer satisfaction. You customers are of two types.
We have internal customers and external customers. You have to make sure that both internal and external customers are satisfied. You can do this by interacting with stakeholders.
There is also the need for you to create feedback mechanisms in order to carry stakeholder along in the project. 

Service Strategy In IT Service Management

More goals of Service Strategy…

#3 business case
Furthermore, when you are about to embark on any project, you need to come up with a business case. The Business case allows decision-makers to determine the feasibility of a project.
They are also able to choose among competing proposals. This is based on the credibility of the business case.
It is when you have a good case creation that investors can decide whether to invest in your project or not. That is why it must state the pros and cons of the proposed project.

#4  financial feasibility
Another major benefit of Service Strategy is that it will allow the organisation to determine the financial feasibility of the proposed project. It is one thing for us to decide to embark on a project.
It is another thing for us to have the required capital to execute the project. Having a Service Strategy in place will help you to know the amount that is required to do the project. You will be able to decide whether it can be executed now or later. 
#5 determine service quality
Another objective of the Service Strategy is that it allows you to define Service Quality. There is nothing bad that can happen other than not having a standard or expectation.
You should know that your capital will determine the standard that you can set. Once the Standard has been set from the beginning, you can work towards following the requirements.

#6 effective allocation of resources

Another reason why you should have a Service Strategy is to efficiently and effectively allocate project resources.
You will be able to prioritize the allocation of capital, It is not every time that you will have all the capital at once. Service Strategy will allow you to decide on which payment will come first and the one that will have to come last on the agenda.
#7 resolution of conflict
Finally, setting up a Service Strategy arrangement ahead of the commencement of an IT Project will give room for resolution of conflicts. Conflicts may arouse due to conflicting demands.
You will be able to prioritize requirements and decide on what should come first. This will also enable the executor to remove demands that are unrelated to the project. 



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