service provisioning

Examining The Concept Of Service Provisioning In ITIL

This article on Service Provisioning is a sequel to my previous article where I talked about Service Relationship Management. 


service provisioning

It has to do with how service providers manage their resources effectively in order to deliver value to their customers. It is expected that service providers will continue to maintain their resources in order to ensure that customers are getting value for what they are paying for.


Service Provisioning also has to do with the Service provider providing access to services that customers have already paid for. They have to make sure that those services are always available to the delight of customers.


It also has to do with the fulfilment of agreed action. The Service Provider has to make sure that he actually delivers what he has promised the service consumer they will get after they might have subscribed to the service that he has to offer.


It also covers the continual improvement of the services you render to customers. As you are providing services to customers. No matter how satisfied they are, you have to get feedback from them on how the service can be improved for better performance. This will help you to satisfy your customers and raise the exit barrier for them. 




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