A closer look at IT Service Management Operations

This article talks about what service is in service management operations…

I have had an encounter with many people as an Instruction. Many of them have asked me why they should study ITIL as a course. Some do not know anything about ITIL management operation. This is due to the fact that IT Project Management is not common in my own part of the world. I want to expose you to IT Management operations in this article.


In my previous article, I have said the focus of the IT service is to render service. This is meant to increase customer retention and engage more customers. There is no need for engaging in any IT service if it will not meet up with the need of customers. In this article, I want to look at what service means to an ITIL management operations. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.

What ITIL Management Operations are… 

A service in ITIL Management operations is something that will increase the probability of achieving the desired outcome. This is achieved either through enhancing the performance of individual tasks, reducing the effect of constraints or both.

A service can also be anything that we do in order to add value to our users. By rendering such service, we are helping them to achieve the desired outcome that they want.
service management operations
Now I want to look at four things that service does in ITIL. Let’s go now.

ITIL Management Operations facilitate the desired outcome

Service helps organizations to achieve the desired outcome that they have set. It has established rules or best practised that are already set. If followed in the right manner, it helps the organization to achieve the desired outcome that they have set to achieve.

It also enhances performance

Service also enhanced the performance of the task. For every one of the tasks that need to be done. There are already established produced that are to be followed. This allowed the task owner to follow the established rules and achieve what they might have wanted to achieve. It really makes the job easier.

ITIL Management Operations Reduces the effect of constraints

One other beautiful thing about services is that it reduces the effect of constraints while performing that service. You can actually activate back up plan easily. Everyone involved knows the step to take to correct anomalies when things get out of hand while executing the project.

It also Increases the positive probability

One other beautiful thing about service is that it increases the probability of achieving positive result since service entails laid down rules. There is the high tendency that if the procedures are followed, then the outcome can be predicted in a way.
In terms of service type, it can be:

  1. Supportive

 A supportive service is the one that gives support to those that needs it. This support can be in form of internal or external services that are provided to end users or members within the organization.

2. Internal facing

A support that is internal facing is the one that is rendered to a department within the organization. The I.T department in the organization might provide internet connectivity service to other departments that need to be connected to the internet.

3. External facing

In ITIL Management operations, these are the kind of support rendered to end users in an organization who enjoyed a particular service. It might also be in terms of support given to end users who are using Apps created by the I.T department or other third party developers.


Every successful project whether big or small need to be managed. You must make sure that you envisage some of the challenges that you are likely to face before you embark on any ITIL Project. Getting yourself prepared will ensure that you do not have an abandoned project. You will be sure that you have all the resources before you embark on the ITIL project in the first place.

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