A closer look at IT Service Management function

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This article take a look at service management function….




One thing that always amaze me about average layman us that : once you say that you are an IT personnel , you are expected to know almost everything in IT. It does not work that way if I must be since with you. In managing IT projects , we have what is called IT Service Management function. That is what I am bringing to you in this article.


I have discussed the concept of service in my previous article. In this article, I want to look at three more concept that you need to know in ITIL. I will be talking more about the concept of Function in IT Service Management.

Follow me as we look at this together in this article.

Function in Service Management function

A function in ITIL is a group of people as well as the tools that they are using to carry out one or more of their processes or functions. That means a Function will always have more than one processes under them.

Process in Service Management function

A Process can be defined as a well organised set of activities that is meant to achieve a particular objective. When you have an assignment, you must have procedure that you are following for that particular assignment.

For example , in construction, you cannot lay blocks , if you have not done the foundation for the building.

Under I.T service management function, you should know that a process may include any of the roles, responsibilities, tools and management controls required to reliably deliver the desired output.

That means process are activities that are performed by two or more people who are experts in their own right in order to achieve project objectives.

Role in Service Management function

Under I.T Service management function, roles are set of responsibilities, activities and authorities granted to a person or a team. A role is always part of a process. When an individual or group of people are given a role, they are expected to perform an action that will contribute to the overall process of an organization.


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In this article, we have looked at three aspects that make up IT Management functions. You need to identify all the roles that you need in order to achieve a successful project. There is also the need to plan for how the project will survive after you have successfully executed it as well.

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