service customer types

3 Types Of Service Consumer Roles In ITIL 4

In my previous articles, I have talked about some of the ways that values can be co-created in any organisation. In this particular article, I want to look at the different types of Service Customer Roles in any organisation. Follow me as we look at this together in this article.


service customer types


#1 Customer

The customer is the person who defines requirements for services and takes responsibility for outcomes from service consumption. He or she is responsible for defining what type of service he is expecting from the service provider. 


#2 User

He is the person that uses the service provided by the service provider. He might not necessarily be the one paying for the service. Take for example I have decided to purchase a CUG line for my staffs. They are the user while I am the customer for that particular service.


#3 Sponsor

This is the person that authorizes payment for a particular service. Without his or her signature or approval, payment will not be made for that particular service. As a good service provider, you have to know what the Sponsor is actually looking for in that particular service. Above all, you have to identify all the stakeholders in the value and make sure that their interest is well catered for.




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