If you will agree with me before we even begin , not all data that you have about you customers are relevant ? What do I mean by that , it is not all of them that is needed to make business decisions. That is why you need to understand what valuable data is.


In many of my previous articles, I have said it that the best way to get value out of data is to segment them based on their source. This will help you to properly analyse them and take appropriate decisions. In this article, I want to look at how you can actually segment valuable data when you need to make important decisions. Follow me as we look at this together in this article.


Behavior based segmentation

Under this type of valuable data analysis. The process is based on the activities carried out by the visitors in your website such as viewing every page on your website, commenting on your articles, subscribing to your blog RSS among others. Users can be divided based on this activities so as to know the level of interest that they have in your website.



When you focused on behavior based segmentation, you can understand what your customers are looking for as a group. This will also help you to work towards providing what they are actually looking for. With that you can increase conversion rate on your website.

valuable data

There are some parameters that can be used to analyse behavior based segmentation such as:


Total page views

Total bounce rates

Average time spent by a visitor

Number of returning visitors

In depth browsing performed by visitors to extract information.

Visitors’ frequency


I want to say this that if the average time spent by your visitor is less that 30 seconds, you should consider adding images, animations, videos , content among others to engage visitors on the website.





Before you start gathering any data for web analytics, you must know the reasons why you are gathering such data in the first place , this will help you to take meaningful decisions that will help you to turn more leads to customers at the end of the day.


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