How to segment valuable data analysis for websites

Here is how you can segment valuable data analysis  for websites….



Have you ever had cause to work with data. I mean valuable data and you need to segment them in order to carry out valuable data analysis. This article is here to help you. I am here to help you as well. I will tell you how you can use data to understand you customers better. At the end of it all , you will be better than the way you came.

There is the need to gather data from competitors, survey and some other means in order to make better decision about your web analytics. In this article, I will want to look closely at some of the ways that you can segment the valuable data that you have gathered so that well informed decisions can be made.


Follow me as we look at this together in this article.

Acquisition based segmentation of data means the process of segmenting data in such a way that you divide the data based on the source that you are getting it from. This will greatly allow you to do proper analysis of data and take better decisions.

It also helps in creating strategies that will help drive visitors to your website such SEO, banners, email as well as Pay Per Click marketing for your website. Without proper acquisition based marketing, you might not really know that you need this on your website.

Also, when you carry out this type of segmentation, you will be able to identify those areas where you organizations seems to be spending more than normal in order to acquire customers.

Furthermore, when you need to carry out acquisition based segmentation for your web analytics, there are some certain parameters that must be taken into consideration.


Total visitors on your website

One of the key indices that you need to look at when performing segment based data gathering on your website is the total number of visitors that you have on your website. You need to compare this figure with what you have in the past. This will help to decide on whether progress is been made or not.


Unique visitors

In carrying out valuable data analysis, unique visitors has to do with the number of visitors that have not visited your website before but they are coming to your website for the first time.

This might be people that came to your website through referral links or search engine referrals. You have to monitor this category of people to sure whether they return after the first visit or not.

valuable data analysis

#1  Returning visitors in value data analysis

The number of returning visitors that you are having on your website will also go a long way in showing the loyalty level of your customers. The more the number of people returning after their first increased the more you are improving on the loyalty level of your customers.

You need to kep checking this from time to time and see how you can increase the number of returning visitors on your website.


#2 Actions performed in value data analysis

In performing acquisition based segmentation, you need to look at the actions that customers are performing on your website. It is very essential for you to consider whether customers and visitors are performing the desired action that you want them to perform. You can consider whether customers are downloading your e-book or they are signing up as you requested. This is a pointer to the level of conversion rate on your website.
 valuable data analyis

#3  Still talking about carrying out valuable data analysis for websites, you need to consider the  level of loyalty or disloyalty on your website is the issue of bounce rate. Bounce rate occurs when customer do not view more than the page that brought them to your website.

When customer viewed one page and leave your site. That means there is something discouraging them on your page. This at times can be attributed to poor design that you have on your website among others.


#4 Cost incurred in value data analysis

Another factor that you need to consider when you are carrying out valuable data analysis  is the cost incurred while running campaign. You need to analyse how much you are spending on campaigns compared to the profit you are generating from such campaigns.

When you consider this, you will be able to know when you are having ROI on your campaigns. It will help you to take informed decision on whether you should continue with a particular campaign or not.

#5 Revenue generated in value data analysis

Similar to this is to consider the revenue generated from such campaigns. You have to know the total number of revenue that you have generated on the long run. Looking at this can help you determine your conversion rate and improve on your spending and revenue generation strategies.



There is the need for you to constantly audit your website in order to understand your users. By analysing your data , you will know what your audience are doing on your website as well as tweaking that can be carried out in order to improve users experience. This will help you to reduce bounce rate and increase traffic to your website.


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