With these just three(3) methods , you can generate over 1million traffic your site in just one month you see those traffic you are generating are real people and they are all safe for google adsense so no bot , no stress , no backlink , no qaulity content and its been generated in short time .

Lots of people have been into this case of how to generate millions of traffic that is safe , what comes to your mind is that generating such traffic in one month is not possible unless you make use of blackhat, but am using this medium to let you know that IT IS POSSIBLE TO GENERATE 1MILLION GOOGLE ADSENSE SAFE TRAFFIC .

Some people will tell you to go and do seo so you will rank on google , but the question is DO YOU THINK EVERYBODY WILL RANK ON GOOGLE ? NO!

Some will even tell you to start builkding baclinks , so imagine everybody is building liks, so you think over 100million sites will rank together on google and other search enigines ? NO !

Some will tell tell you to keep posting 247 , this one even get me laughing everyday, if you keep posting everyday , there are people who even employ site managers , will you beat them ? NO!

Every site will not rank no matter what you do , there are sites that do more than that . I am not saying you should not look for a way to rank , but this topic is actually talking about how to generate traffic to your site so am not talking about ranking for now .
There are lot of ways to generate high traffic to your site with less stress . with these trick, you dont need high quality content , no backlink , no stress .

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Lets roll in,
Firstly , clear your mind from using bots , it will not convert any traffic for you , even if you earn, it will be little and this such traffic wont take you far . In this article ,i will show you lots of secrets you need to know about generating free google adsense traffic in short time .

Lets start from the first one , email marketing !


This is one of the best way to generate over millions of traffic in just a short time , let me teach you how to do it.
Go and get or purchase list of email address ( sites to get this >> . You can purchase over 1 billion active emails addresses . After buying them , you also need to get bulk mail sender softwares , there are lots of them in markets and stores , most are paid anyway . After purchasing those two things , You need a laptop or computer . Now create an irresistible message that will make every receiver read your message . What i mean , compose a nice and attractive message ( dont deceive) , make it real, make the massage irresistible .

Now after composing such message, create a link that will link to your website or anywhere you want the traffic , it can be site, it can landing page , it can be download link , it can be paid links and others . Create this link and include it in your message instructing the receivers to click on the link .

Now use your bulk mail sender to send atleast 3 million messages . Do you know from 3million real active emails address you sent a message to , is it sure and certain that at least 1.5million would certainly check their box ( that is if the mails you bought are real o) .

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Now lets say 1.5million people check their box , it is 90% sure that 1million people will click your link and land into your site . That is if you compose a real irresistible message .
This thing i just said now wont take you stress , just get the mails and mail sender ,then your computer , thats all . start generating traffic .

Another trick is whatsApp marketing


As the name implies , whatsapp marketing, if you read the first one which is email marketing, you would have understand this as well .Just as we make use of the mail, thast how we are going to do this as well . There are lots of companies and individuals who sell active bulk whatsapp numbers . They are use just like the first we talked about. This one also have it own bulk sender softwares which is called whatsapp bulk senders , lot of them in the market. All you just have to do is to purchase the numbers and also get the software to send bulk messages to those numbers .
Now compose an irresistible messages and start sending . Mind you ( this is what i mean, dont keep sending messages all the time, make your once in a while) so dont spam receivers else they wont take your messages serious , so compose an engaging message and link them to your site or wherever uou need traffic .
It is 90% sure that if you send 5million messages , you would definitely get at least 2million people that will link to your site . Its simple thing, just like the first one .

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Another one is push subscribers


I know some people will not understand this , but i will explain in a simple way . Push subscribers are people who allow andf accept to receive a notification on their device (notification from advertiser) .
Push notifications are messages and updates sent directly to peoples device at any time you wish .
Now calm down and learn more , There is this messages that looks like advert on peoples device most , that thing is called push notificatios .
So how do you use that to generaating traffic . FOLLOW THIS STEPS..

Go and purchase subscribers from any of these ads network , you can purchase any country you want and they will sell it to you . You can get up to 1million subscribers depending on you, now start sending an engaging notification that when receiver see, it will drive them to click on it , if you send notifications to 1million people in just one day , you will certainly get at least 300,000 people that will click on it . Now imagine sending everyday for one month, approximately you are getting over 9million traffic to your site if not more than .

With these just three(3) methods , you can generate over 1million traffic your site in just one month you see those traffic you are generating are real people and they are all safe for google adsense so no bot , no stress , no backlink , no qaulity content and its been generated in short time .

If you see method that doesnt work or you have your own method , you can as well drop them in the comment box .