1. Be kind.
2. Act respectfully
3. Listen well
4. Be useful
5. Don’t make excuses
6. Let go of anger
7. Act maturely

There are ways to gain more respect from people both friends and family .

1. Be Kind

Everyone love kindness , infact when you are kind , they will love you more than you expected . Kindness draw people more closer , as we all know when you love someone , you will want to always be around them as therefore this will boost their respect for you .

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2. Act Respectfully

If you want respect , then Respect yourself , this is not an abusive verbal but the truth , there are some cases you need to do like am elderly one . Don’t argue , don’t shout , just act respectfully and definitely people will definitely respect you .

3. Listen Well

When I mean listen well , I mean be cool and calm to listen to people each time they tell you about something . We all want listeners , we want someone that will listen to our talks , jokes , problems and others and this will make you earn lots of respect .

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4. Don’t Make Excuses

All your lifestyle have to be serious and straight forward , for people to respect you , let them find a real and good life with you , don’t make excuses or lies (might make them reduce their respect towards you) .

5. Let Go Of Anger

This is one of the major thing to know on how to gain respect from people . Totally letgo of anger . When people see you laugh always , they tend to come closer and give you the respect you deserve .

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6. Act Maturely

You need to act maturely in every situation you find yourself . Do not play arrogantly or like a tout , act cool and concentrate then respect will flow automatically .

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