Means of securing date and time for your device

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¬†Securing date and time for your device…




I have said it many times in many of my articles that once you are on the internet, you are connected to network of networks. That is why you must endeavor to secure your settings and documents on your device. You should never have the mindset that you have nothing that is of interest to a hacker. Everything has to be secured. In this article, I want to tell you how to secure your date and time preferences for your device.

Date and time really matters?
If you are in a network environment or any other I.T related environment where incidents are likely to occur, you will appreciate the importance of date and time. The person to handle the incidence will always want to know the exact time that the incidence occur. I had issue some few days ago with my blog. It has to do with the wrong .htcaccess that I added to my cpanel that made my blog to malfunction. I was later told that such issues has to be monitored in real time. That means without me providing the exact time that the incidence occurred, we may not find solution to that problem.

You have the date and time preferences in the date pane. The date pane is that area of your laptop or desktop that shows the time. You need to click on that to access what we are about to do now. That is where you will set your time and network preferences.

In the Date and time pane, you need to enter a secure and trusted Network Time Protocol server in the set date and time automatically field. This section has a drop down menu where you can choose the NTP server of your choice.

The next thing that you need to do is to choose the Time Zone that you want. You need to choose the one that relates to your time location in order to have the appropriate time showing on your device.

I also want to say this that most at times, some of us always have the wrong time displaying on our device. The problem is always that you choose the wrong time zone. This is an automated time controlled by a server. Once you choose the right time zone. It should always show the correct data and time for you.


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