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There are many ways in which human can become greater than expectations in this life . But actually the deal there is that all these ways seems so tight .
There are lot of things people have engage themselves in, all in the name of becoming rich in life . When I mean become rich , I mean having lots of money where by you can command anything you want .
Every soul on this Earth are after money Because the holy book itself said “money does all things” . If we decide to start listing what people do to make money , we can’t list them all in one year . Some people go extra mile to make money , some go by making miracle money , some work hard and keep working , some got them selves into fraudulent activities while some engage themselves into stealing but we all know everyone is after money .

On this page , I’m going to list some secret ways to become rich in life without hard work . Just keep up with me .
One of the things I’ll leak out here is

1. Risk Taking

Risk is uncertainty of result either good or bad , i.e the result is not certain , it’s not sure , it’s either the result become bad , worst , good or success .
I can vow for you with these (Risk) . Taking risk is one of the major thing that can make someone rich and successful in life . Don’t be shock when I mentioned risk as my number one .
Now let’s look out rich and popular people in our society or around us . Think from your head , who are the rich people you know , look at that they do to become rich . Can you do it ? .. okay fine let’s assume some become richer Because they were rich already and have the money to invest more while their money work for them . But let’s still check out what you can do to become rich in life . For example , can you risk 200,000 to place a bet ? I know you will be so scared to do it , now imagine taking the risk and cash out over 200 million ( It’s sweet right ) . That is risk !
People who engage themselves into this risk have one mind , once the risk ball out to be successful then you are good to go .

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2. Join Politics

Politicians are deeply too rich to be rated online , they call them looters because we all know they embezzle people’s money . Maybe embezzle or not , politicians are damnly too rich to be rated . Their money cannot be counted. You can join politics and engage in the game , and this is also seen as risk taking because its a dirty game where you can landed either in prison or become successful , time can also be wasted , family can be used to play games and others but let’s see people who are too rich these days , they are mostly politicians .

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3. Car Rebuilding

This one is not risk at all just that you need a capital to start this and once you engage yourself into this there’s certainty that you will become rich in life trust me . Let me show you how you go about it .
Find small money and get a clean body faulty car , it might be faulty that’s not a problem but make sure you bought a car with new body . It’s not going to cost you that much since he might be having fault and issues . It will be very less , since you are just buying the body , then go get a new engine into the car and resell it .
You can generate 200% of what you spend on the car . Use this wisely and become rich in just one year .

4. Chill With Rich People

Look for anyway to mingle with rich people , there is no way you you will chill with the rich people without seeing opportunities from there like contract . This are one of the shortcut ways to become rich . If you stay out of rich people things might be hard but just try and chill with rich people around you .

There are lots of rich people in the clubs on Friday , go there and take a bottle , watcg football match with them and use a style to start an argument but don’t let it be a brutal argument , just make it fun and mingle with them , from there the friendship style will come in .

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5 Don’t Be Carried Away

I’m sure many of your friends use big cars and big phones , you don’t need it. Let me tell you something , there’s nothing like big cars or big phones , all these things are just vanity because they will expire . I still remembered then when blackberry caused many issues then within youths , they can do extra thing to get the phone but now today , see how useless it is in the society . See iPhone 4 and 5 . Now they are not as the way they used to be anymore . That is to tell you z there’s nothing like big phones or cars , they will definitely expire , so don’t look after those big things now , calm down and invest your time very well , by the time you make your own money , you will definitely get latest things too .

5. Don’t Listen Multiple Advice

People will definitely get you off the track , by the time you hear different advices daily , you will definitely get confused and all your plans might go wrong if not careful . In fact you need to be careful of people you mingle with , what you have in your mind is different from what others have in their mind. There’s nobody that can be taken prioritize order than yourself . Sit back and relax , think and forget people’s advice .

To be continue ….

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