Secret To Make Marriage Last : Long Lasting Marriage

There are lots of secrets been hidden from people on how to make Marriage last ,most of marriages these days doesn’t last due to some things that are not in place , am going to list some secret ways to make Marriage last .

1. Don’t Rush It

Haven’t being in a relationship for long doesn’t mean you should marry someone you don’t love but ready . Most ladies these days always get married because there friends are married . This is a no no , when your time comes you will definitely get the bone if your bone and this is one of the major secret you need to know about marriage because marriage is not a day school but a lifetime .

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2. Don’t Marry For Material Things

When you get married to someone because of what they have , imagine not having it again , does that mean you will leave the person ? Some men marry because of beauty while some women marry because not money and this is a no no . Imagine getting married because of money and after a while , money is gone what do you do ?

3. Marry Your Friend

One if the secret of long lasting marriage is to marry your friend , someone you always laugh with always , someone you are not afraid of , someone you do nasty things with , believe me you will enjoy it so much and your marriage will last .

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4. Make Each Other Happy

When you try your best to make your partner happy , it will boost the love in each other and this will tend to make the marriage more powerful .

You this four secret I just leaked out . Try it and see

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