How to use Schedule Network Diagram in Project Management

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Learning how to use Schedule Network Diagram….




A Project Schedule Network Diagram is a graphical representation of the sequence of project activities and the dependencies among them. The Project Schedule Network Diagram always read from left to right or top to bottom and are typically accompanied by summary  information.

schedule networking diagram

Schedule network diagram helps you to present your project information in a graphical format so that it can be easily understood by your team members and project stakeholders alike.

The schedule Network Diagram covers the entire project or part of your project . At times , a schedule Network Diagram covers part of your project . Sometimes, these diagrams are referred to as sub-network or fragmented network.

The differences….

The Project Schedule Network Diagram may be detailed or summarized. It can  be a summary of some part of your project, I said it that a Network Diagram covering part of your project are sometimes referred to as Sub-network or fragmented network.


The tool in project management can also be generated manually or through the use of software such as Primavera or Microsoft Project 2013 and other version scheduling software. As you may be aware, generating the network diagram automatically might be more reliable than manual sketching of the diagram.


Itcan also be constructed using a variety of methods. Like I said earlier, the diagram might be constructed looking at part of the whole project. we can also construct the network diagram that covers the entire project.


In constructing the schedule network diagram, we can have at least two types of schedule network which are Arrow Diagramming Method or Precedence Diagramming Method Which I will talk about in my subsequent articles.


Action Point

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