6 Components of Schedule Management Plan for Projects

Here are the six components of the schedule management plan for projects…


In one word, I can say Scheduling means  Timing. It is a Subsidiary management plan that has to do with how we develop, maintain, and manage the project schedule.

At the beginning of our project, we would have agreed that one activity will take place at this particular time. A subsidiary management plan is how we ensure that such activity happens at the stipulated time.

6 Components of Schedule Management Plan for Projects

Now, let us look at some of the components of a typical scheduling management plan.

#1 Purpose
The first thing to do is to know the purpose of the plan . What do we really want to achieve by carrying out the plan? If we know that, then we will know the kind of urgency that such a task requires.

#2 Schedule development tools
We have to also understand the type of tools or software that we are going to use to manage our schedule. We cannot rely on fellow team members or our brain to do that for us. We can use Microsoft Project or Primavera among others to manage our project schedule.

#3 Member
We also have to know the number, types and purpose of the project schedule that we want to develop. This will help us to plan adequately for it. We will also be able to assign a task to individuals and monitor the result as they surface.

#4 Change management
It is not every time that you plan that thing go on according to plan. There are bound to be times that you will have to shift your ground. That is why you must plan ahead on how changes to your project will be maintained.

#5 Responsibility
The next thing is to figure out who will be in charge if developing and maintaining the project schedule. You have to ensure that the individual in question understand what the project set to achieve. He must have the required skills to use the tools and coordinate the team effectively.

#6 Reporting
There is the need to state categorically how and when scheduling reporting has to be made. You must know at what interval the Schedule Manager will report back to Project Stakeholders so that the necessary adjustment and appraisal can be done to the Project schedule.

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