The Concept of Schedule Compression in Project Management


Looking at Schedule compression in Project Management….

When we talk of Schedule Compression in Project Management, we are referring to the shortening of Project schedule without shortening the Project scope. It is a method that you need to adopted when you want to spend lesser than the normal time that is meant for a project. Lets say for example you have a software development project that is meant to take two weeks and your boss now told you that you have to reduce it to eight day. Once your boss come up with this verdict, you have to look at those activities that be reduced in order to shorten the duration of the project. This is where schedule compression comes in , in a project.
One of the thing that can cause schedule compression is setback or revised deadlines or other production problems, in which there is little time to do a lot of work. When these kind of issue occurs, product activity is often sacrificed in order to meet up with deadlines. There are time that you might have planned that a project should take ten days but due to some delays and non release of funds, it was extended beyond normal, there may be need to cover through multiple running of some tasks at the same time.
 schedule compression
Schedule compression alleviates the pressure of completing too many activities in a short time without negatively affecting the project scope. Compression may also be achieved in one of two ways. It can be done through fast tracking or crashing which I will talk about in my next article.


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