How to create a Schedule Baseline in Project Management

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A Schedule Baseline can be defined as the management approved version of the project schedule. The Schedule baseline is drawn from the schedule network analysis and includes baseline start and finish dates. It provides the basis for measuring and reporting schedule performance in a project. You should know that the schedule baseline is part and parcel of the project management plan.

How to create it….

#1 Gather your preliminary project schedule as part of schedule baseline
The first thing to do is to gather the preliminary project schedule for the project. This normally includes the project start and finish dates. In calculating this, you have to make sure that all of its components are accurate and up-to-date. This includes resources, duration, calendars, predecessor dates m task dependencies, cost estimates, and constraints. You need to confirm that resources have not been overly allocated.

#2 Distributing proposed schedule
There is the need for you to distribute the proposed schedule baseline to the appropriate stakeholders and project management team for approval. The approval is a formal requirement , and as such, it should be reviewed from the project sponsor.

schedule baseline


#3 Incorporating changes 

There is the need for you to incorporate changes to the baseline schedule as required by the management team. You have to make sure that project management plans are updated so as to reflect the changes required by the stakeholders.

#4 Additional resource
Some times, the changes been made to schedule baseline may requires additional resources or time. These changes are likely to affect the project cost and will also requires you to update your cost baseline as well.

#5 Change management 

You should know that any revision made after the baseline might have been approved must go through the formal change management. That means if anything need to be added, a form has to be filled . After that the Change Control Board has to sit in order to decide whether it should be approved or not. This will help stakeholders to know the cost implication of the new change as well as how it will affect the already approved schedule baseline.

#6 Save the original

There is the need for you to save the original schedule baseline. During the life cycle of the project,  changes will be made as the schedule baseline is updated and revised. You will need to preserve the historical data included in your original schedule baseline.

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