How sales force automation can increase sales volume

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Here is how Sales Force automation can increase sales volume…..






Sales Force Automation is a technique of using various tools to automate the business process of sales such as order processing , contact management , information sharing , inventory monitoring and control , order tracking , customer management and sales forecast analysis.

In Nigeria and in most climes, when you are employed as a Sales person, you are given a target to meet. Your promotion and other benefits are based on how far you are able to meet up with your target. You are likely to lose your job if you fail to meet up with the desired target.

In a customer centric enterprise on the other hand, the opposite is the case, we want to create a platform whereby customers can solve their issues on their own. That is what brought about sales force automation.

sales force automation
Under sales force automation, we want to create an environment where we can capitalise on the internet and consolidated data warehouse in order to ensure that things that we normally do manually can now be done using the internet and technology as an enabler.

Sales Force Automation solution normally includes Account Management , opportunity management, sales forecast tools , sales pipeline management and  lead management among others. I will be talking about all these in my subsequent article.

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