How to get the right updates for windows devices


This article shows how you can get the right updates for Windows devices….

Within the little period of my sojourn in I.T environment and based on the little friends I have had so far, I have seen that people do  not like to update their Windows Operating system. Some are afraid that Microsoft could attack their Systems because they are not using the original Windows from them. I stand to disagree with this.

From the onset , I will say you are doing yourself a lot of harm if you are not updating your Operating systems. My dear friend, updating your Operating system should be something that you have to do once in a while.

Sorry to digress…

I have seen many people using smardav as their main antivirus without no other Anti virus software. I want to ask you , how many of us bought this software from Smardav. If you do not buy the software, you cannot get update. That is why we have to change our mentality about free things. Like the Igbo people of Nigeria would say ” Free things can cause stomach ache.

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Now the business of today?

In this article, I want to talk about how you can get update from Microsoft. Some of you over, your system update is off. I will not advice that you should off your “Check updates” . You can choose to be notified when updates are available. That is better.

The reasons why?
When Software are released, the Developers are rushing to market. Therefore proper assignment was not done on those software. That is why patches are always released in order to correct any error with the software. That is what is packaged together into driver packs. 

That is what you supposed to be getting through updates. But now that you have off your update. How will they reach you. The best thing to do is to choose is to be notified and select the one that you really need. Although, Microsoft can be annoying at times in terms of updates been forwarded to you.

  • Click on the “Start button”
  • Choose “Control Panel” and select “Security”


  • Select “Windows Update” and check on “Change settings”


  • Choose “How Windows can select Updates”


Action Point
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