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Analyzing Retention Functions In Digital Marketing

retention functions in digital marketing

Analyzing Retention Functions In Digital Marketing


The retention functions in Digital Marketing deals mainly with building loyal and delightful customers. Every product marketers know that the relationship does not stop after product consumption. You must do all you could to ensure that the customer comes back for repeat purchase.


After the customer has consumed the product, he will always reconsider whether he should repurchase the product or find another organization that can satisfy his needs. That is why organizations have to work on how they can turn their loyal customers to brand advocates.

retention functions in digital marketing

When it comes to attracting new leads, the best option that you should consider is the use of brand advocates. Prospective leads tend to trust word of mouth than any other form of marketing strategy. You cannot even underestimate what a single loyal customer can bring when you decide to turn him or her to a brand advocate.


For that reason, retention functions are the tool you can use to build communities and brand advocacy. It can also assist in building brands that can stand the test of time.


It is also used in retaining customers and making sure that they come back for more. This is often done through the use of promotional offers and customized messages that appeals to your existing customers. You should also note that by adding value to your brand and improving your product according to customer’s feedback, you can develop a customer base that will always come back for more.


Also, the main reasons for retention activities are customers’ delight. Customers’ delight can also be likened to customer satisfaction. It has to do with meeting and exceeding the expectation of your stakeholders. Customers will always be happy and they will always come back for more when goods and services that you offer satisfy their needs.


You have to know that achieving customers’ delight relies heavily on research that you have carried about your customers. In order to delights and retain them, you have to look at your customers beyond being just ordinary customers. You have to look at them as a human with feelings. You also need to understand that customers are unique and their needs are different.  You must be able to personalize the service in order to meet the need of customers. This will also be based on the activities of consumers on the company’s owned media. This will determine the best message that will appeal to them as well as the best ways to retain them in the organization. 



Some activities of the retention function include:

  • Identify buyers needs and expectations
  • Develop additional value
  • Develop a nurturing strategy
  • Monitor post-sales activity


All these activities are geared towards taking the customer back to the sales funnel after he might have left for some time. This is to ensure that the buyer continues to grow and make more profit.


In terms of tactics, the retention stage will use all the most direct forms of communication such as email marketing, social media messages and post, push notifications in-app, re-targeting on owned media, leveraging influencers, creating community events and discussions, lead conversation online, request feedback and reviews.






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