A closer look at Responsibility Assignment Matrix in Projects

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Lets talk about Responsibility Assignment Matrix for a while…

A Responsibility Assignment Matrix is a chart that links the project stakeholders to specific project deliverables or activities by assigning responsibilities to each stakeholder for each element of work.  This is telling us that the document help us to know what each of the stakeholders are expected to provide in order to acheive project objectives.

responsibility assignment matrix

In order to create the Responsibility Assignment Matrix, there are some fundamental questions that needs to be asked.  The Responsibility Assignment Matrix chart is very good in Project management as it helps you to see at a glance who is performing what in project management. With it you can be rest assured that all the roles and responsibility that you need for your project has been covered . You will also be able to ascertain if you need to go outside the organisation in order to fill some roles that has not been occupied or not. I can sat it boldly that you cannot run a successful project without as your companion.
  • Who is accountable for the completion of a specific deliverable or activity ?
  • Who has sign off authority on a deliverable or activity ?
  • Who must be notified of the completion of a particular deliverable or activity ?
  • Who makes the acceptance or rejection decision for any completed deliverable ?

All these must be considered when designing a Responsibility Assignment Matrix for a Project. It is vital to know what makes a project task acceptable in the sense that , without you being there the Personnel in charge will know what to do in order to certify a project task as being completed. It will also reduce your burden as the Project as the team members can keep a tab on one another in order to be sure that the right thing is been done. 


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 Lets now talk about a RACI Chart….

A RACI chart is a type of Responsibility Assignment Matrix  that helps detect the level of responsibility of each of the project team members in a project.  RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consultive, and Informed.


The chart and matrix helps identify who is responsible for making decisions and how people responsible are supported in order to achieve project objectives.

raci chart

RACI charts are generally used to provide clarity on the roles and responsibilities assigned to each project team members in a project. The chart is also called RASI chart where the “S” stands for ” Supportive”.



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