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Do you need resources on computer security tips…. ?




Computer Security can seen as the process of securing both the hardware and the software of your computer device so that unauthorized user will not have access to it. In this article , I want to give you list of websites where you can get resources on computer security tips.

The greatest mistake one can make when it comes to computer security is to feel that you have nothing that is of interest to hackers. They are so much interested in your information.  You are likely to fall victim of social engineering, a situation where your information and data is being used to perpetrate crime or someone is misrepresenting you online. That is why you see that many important personality have social media accounts that is been used to perpetrate crimes.  It is that bad.

computer security tips

Many of use have fall victim of online account and we look helpless because we do  not know the next step to take. Some are defrauded from various websites and you just accepted your fate without taking any concrete action. In this very list, I am showing you the next step to take as well as sites to visit in order to complain or learn how to stay safe online . I do hope you will find time and visit those sites in order to utilize the resources that they have on computer security.




Common vulnerabilities and exposures

Stay Safe Online

Internet Fraud Complaint Centre

Virus Bulletin

Windows Security Guide

Macintosh Security Site

Action Point

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