Two types of Resource Leveling in Project Management

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What Resource leveling really is….


Resource Leveling is used in Project management to analyse the schedule model of a Project. The use Resource Leveling in a Project allows the Project manager to readjust the project so that people are not over allocated for the project.


The concept of Resource Leveling is also used to address scheduling activities when critical resources are only available for a limited time. When you want to make use of resource leveling , you need to identify all the tasks all the team members in your project need to perform. You will now assess it in order to identify those resources that have conflicting tasks or they need to perform that tasks that might slow down their output for the project. You can now bring in additional resources to assist them or you take the task away and give it to another person.

resource leveling


Resource leveling is normally done after the critical path has been initially identified. The critical path frequently changes as a result of resource leveling. Resource leveling tools are found in many types of project management softwares.


Automated leveling as part of Resource leveling
When you check most of the project management softwares that you can find around, you will notice that some of them can perform it. Automated leveling always pushes the project out of completion date by extending the finishing date. Resource may also be reallocated to work at times that are inappropriate due to other constraints found on the project.


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Resource smoothing as part of resource leveling
Resource Smoothing is a resource leveling technique that involves rescheduling activities in a project to ensure that appropriate resources are allocated to each activity. Resource smoothing does not create a delay in the project completion date, it only allow for delay in activities based on the level of float in the project.

There is the need for you to be cautious when carrying out Resource Leveling for a particular project. You need to consider the skills of your resources which is more paramount than any other factors. You must be able to analyse the performance of your team member and decide on who need to assist who when it comes to transferring resources and assigning them to different task put in place for the project.


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