How Resource Breakdown Structure Contributes To Project Success

Let’s learn how Resource Breakdown Structure can help you achieve project goals…

The Resource Breakdown Structure is a hierarchy of identified resources, organised by category and type.

Categories include labour and equipment. Types include Resource skill and grade levels.



When you are carrying out a resource breakdown structure for any project, you want to be sure that everything is set before you start the project at all. 

This might involve some paperwork as you try to analyse how the project will be done from the beginning to the end. Most at times, this does not mean that you will not commence the project until all resources are completed. It is just that you want to be sure that key resources are in place before the project actually commences at all.


In using Resource Breakdown Structure, you are also trying to be sure that you are assessing the readiness of your team members to take up the task that is ahead of them. There are times that you will need to look outside the organisation to get team members that you need for your project.

Resource breakdown structure will help you to know whether you need to go outside the organisation to source for team members or not.


The Resource breakdown structure help organise and report project schedule information along with resource utilization data.

Resource breakdown structure

In Resource Breakdown Structure, just like work breakdown structure, you are dividing your resource into different categories based on the roles that they are going to play in your project.

You want to be sure that you have sufficient resources to carry out all the tasks. This at times helps you to know who can substitute for who among all the resources that you have for your project.

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