Requirements from an Analytical CRM Application



One thing you should know from the onset is that a true test of an analytical CRM application is its ability to deliver information in real time (24 hours).

Also, talking about requirements from an Analytical CRM application. We should know that it is always for dynamic scoring using in session data from various touch points or communication channels that the organisation have.  This is grouped along with pre-interaction data which are being stored in the data warehouse to facilitate serious analysis of the data



When an organisation wants to store data in real time, they need input from the models in the data mart, pre interaction data in session data.  This is then combined with business logic to define the most suitable offer to customers.  Once a decision is taken, the offers made in real time to the customer.  This includes real-time customer discount, cross-sell/up-selling activities.

analytical crm applications

In order for software to qualify as a CRM analytic application, such software must be able to support business processes, separation of functions, time oriented and integration of data across multiple channels.

The requirement of time orientation exposes a major stumbling block for real-time analytics because true analytic as we have said requires the integration of data forms the past.  As analytical CRM now became integrated across the various department in the organisation, it becomes more important to assure the continuity of the experience from the users’ point of views.



At the end of this lesson on requirements from an analytical CRM application, we have been able to discover that:

  • The main quality of a good Analysis CRM is its ability to deliver information in real time.
  • All data from various sources are needed in order to score customers.
  • To qualify as a CRM analytics application, software products must:
  • support business processes
  • Separate functions
  • Be use time oriented
  • Integrate data from multiple sources.

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