4 Ways Requirement Management Plan Can Guarantee Project Success


Here are the four ways Requirement management plan can guarantee project success…


A requirement management plan is a document that describes how project management requirements will be analyzed, documented, and managed throughout the project lifecycle. There are requirements that need to be met.

That is why the project was set up in the first place. There is a need for us to plan what we are going to do to meet these requirements. We also need to plan how stakeholders will work together towards achieving these objectives.


4 Ways Requirement Management Plan Can Guarantee Project Success
One of the basic thing in requirement management that will influence whether we are going to achieve our objective or not is a phase to phase relationship in our project. We have to ensure that previous requirements are met before we move on to the next phase of the project.

This requires that the Project Manager choose the most effective relationship in order to achieve the success of the project. Let us now look at the requirements of the Requirement Management Plan.


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#1 Tracking
In requirement management, there must be a way of tracking, planning and reporting all the requirements activities. You must document the requirements for each phase of the project.

Aside from that, you need to assign individuals that will handle each of the phases. Then you have to know how far you have gone at every point in time.


#2 Configuration management
Aside from tracking, we can also talk about configuration management. I always love to talk about the use of normal configuration that we all know about.
The requirement management plan also has to do with how different environments of the project will work together in order to achieve your desired objectives.


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#3 Resource prioritization
When we are in Secondary school, we were taught about Opportunity Cost in Economics. Here, you have to sacrifice something in order to get what you want. Requirement prioritisation has to do with knowing what should come first.
You will not always have the money but you can prioritize so as to take everything one bit at a time.


#4 Traceability matrix
When we talk about Traceability Matrix under requirement management, we are talking of linking one activity to another in the project. 

As a Project Manager, you might be called upon to explain what will happen if we fail to perform a particular activity. It is your duty to trace the root of every problem that might occur in the process of carrying out the project.


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