Renaming admin account in Windows 7 OS

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These are the ways of renaming Admin Account for Windows 7 OS



One thing is common to most individuals, most especially those that do not know about computers. They are fond of using the default setting. Some have not change the name that Microsoft gave their computer. There is need for you to give your computer a new name. In this article , I want to tell you how you can rename your default admin name on your Windows 7 Operating system. Follow me as we learn this together.

  • Click on the ‘ Start” button. Then you right click on “Computer”. After that you will click on “Manage”.
  • In the ” Computer Management window” , click on ” Local Users and Groups”. Then you have to select ” Users.

Admin account windows 7

  • Right click on ” Admin” or ” Administrator” , select “Rename”, type the new name and Click “OK”


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