A closer look at the relationship aspect of CRM

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Here are the facts that you need to know about Relationship aspect of CRM.


In my previous article, I have tried to talk about the concept of customer . I have also looked at the reasons why you need to have a broad view of who your customers are.  This will help you to plan your interaction with them.
Here and now, I want to talk about relationship in customer relationship management.
Follow me as we do this together.
Many organizations today amazingly find it difficult to really identify who their customers are.
relationship aspect of CRM
Some banks just count the number of accounts that were active with them while Telecom giants count the number of active subscribers on their network as well.
When we look at the categorization of customers, we are likely to have two categories which are Business to customers or Business to Business (B2B).
Dangote Sugar for example, do supply industrial sugar to businesses that uses it for production of finished goods, which is a clear example of Business to Business form of customer relationship.
In building this type of relationship at times, the organization appoints one of his employees to manage the relationship with the customer.
He is solely responsible for raising the exit barrier for the customer and personalizing the products or service that the customer is enjoying from the organization.
An employee is likely to have more than one customer that he is attending to.
But he has to make sure that the right products or services is made available to the right person at the right time.
He also help the organization to understand the customer and provide useful information on how the customer can be served better.
Most at times, many organizations that sell to businesses often assign some employees to manage the transaction on behalf of the organization. In this kind of scenario therefore, it must be carried out in a way that conflicting information are not coming from the same source.
Another form of relationship that is gaining momentum in a business to customer environment is when to provide value added service to their customers.
In the recent time, we have seen network telecommunication provider partnering with formidable banks to offer financial services to their teeming customers.
This allow the banks to reach out to the unbanked segments of the society.
The partnership between Diamond Bank and MTN is another clear example of this collaboration.
Some organizations for example now are allowing their Sales Representatives to sell competitors’ product when they are not able to meet all the demands of the customers.
The idea behind this is simple, if customers are made to go directly to the competitor, they might transfer all their accounts to them.
Therefore the organization prefer to be an avenue through which customers can access those products or services.
The last relationship that exists that we might not think of is customer to customer relationship.
Whether organizations likes it or not, this influence business greatly.
I can advise my mother on which bank to transact business with. My wife too will like to choose the telecom provider that I am transacting business with.
That’s just the customer chemistry.
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