How to reference Range and Cells in Microsoft Excel

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This article talks about how to reference range and cells in Microsoft Excel….


In my previous article, I have already talked about Cells and Range.  What I did not discuss in that article is how you can give cell or range a name. How do you reference range when you have something to do as regard them. Lets find out how to do that in this article.


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First and foremost, in Microsoft Excel, Cells are identified by using cell references. You have to think of a cell reference as the name of a cell, used to differentiate it from among the other cells on a worksheet. A cell reference consists of a letter and a number. The letter refers to to the column boarder in Microsoft Excel, whereas the number refers to the new headers. So, the cell on a worksheet that is located at the intersection of Column C and row 5 has the cell reference C5.


Furthermore, column Headers are displayed along the top of an Excel worksheet and are used to differentiate individual columns. Columns headers begins with a letter A for the first column  and run through the course of the entire alphabet. 


Also, Microsoft Excel supports far more column in a single worksheet than 25 letters of the alphabet. A worksheet can contain up to 16, 384 columns. After letter Z , column headers continues through with AA after AZ comes BA through BZ and so on and so forth. Once the column headers have been exhausted , all of the possible combinations through ZZ, they continue with three letters such as AAA through ZZZ. 



By and large, row Headers are displayed along the left side of an Excel worksheet and are used to differentiate individual rows. Row headers begins at 1 and increases sequentially through row 1,048,576. The last possible cell in Excel is XFD1048576.


One can use Range references to identify particular ranges of data in your worksheet. A range reference consist of two cell refences seperated by a colon. The first cell reference identifies the top leftmoset cell in the range; the second cell reference identifies the bottom rightmost cell in a range. FOr example , the range of cells that include the first five rows in columns A through D is A1:D5..



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