Reason 1: SIN: ….

Sin will always stop some major prayers in our lives , sin is what God doesn’t want and we keep doing it and we want God to answer our prayers . It’s just like doing what God doesn’t want and we want him to do what we want. Not possible .
So abstain from sin and God will make a way for you.

Reason 2: LACK OF FAITH: …

When dealing with prayers and God , the major thing God wants from us to have faith that the prayers has been answered . Lot of people after praying , they will keep doubting God and God is not human , he is definitely going to do it. Just have faith and things will go right .

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Reason 3: PRAYING AMISS: …

You need to be mindful of something when praying . Pray and make God understand your prayer , don’t pray in a such way you believe God has heard you without speaking well of what you want to him . Come out straight , analyze all your prayers well .


Fear of things had made so many people loose lot of things like opportunity. When you have God , you need not to be scared of the things. Like he said , he has given us power to step on scorpions and serpent. God love those that have faith and not scared. Keep your fear one side .

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Some people are wordless , they keep silent , some even pray in wrong language , majority of us , our tribal language is not English , but because we want to pray in public , we deiced to start praying in a language we do not understand well . Make yourself comfortable and pray like we are talking to our father , make him understand all your issues and wants and he will answer you.


Some people cannot even kneel down and pray because of pride , this is one of the thing God doesn’t want in human life .

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You have prayed today doesn’t means you will see results today . God has plan for Evey prayers , God knows the best time to answer your prayers , just hand over everything to him and watch with faith.

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