Reasons Why Relationship Fail These Days

The reason why relationship fail these days is due to so many things which am going to listed below here now .

Back in the days when we had girlfriends , we usually taught of long lasting relationship and definitely it do last , but forward to today most relationship don’t last any longer like he way it used to it . This has been caused by several reasons .

1. Fear Of Rejection

Most men this days don’t like getting closer to women like before because they are always scared of rejection , too much rejection brings a man’s confidence down and this sends men away .
If you notice these days when you tell a man “No” , he moves ! Unlike before when they still keep coming back, that is to tell you men don’t want rejections like before .

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2. Women Don’t Care

Unlike before , a woman can call her man more than 10 times in a day , even if the man doesn’t pick the woman will still keep calling and this will show how caring the woman is and definitely it’s going to boost the man feelings but these days it’s not done like that anymore , women hardly call , they wait for the man in which this will not boost the relationship , it only kills the relationship

3. No Jealousy

It amaze you right ?. Yes jealousy shows interest , then you are not jealous it shows you don’t care about what the partner do . When a partner get jealous it shows you are into the relationship for real and not fake , when your partner do something wrong , get jealous and make it known to them , this will boost your live life . Give it a test today .

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4. Rumour

Back in the days , we don’t listen to rumours about our partners and this increase our interest in the relationship , it boost our love life but this days when a lady hear something bad about the man , they tend not to find out well before misbehaving ( I deliberately mentioned women because it’s common in the women’s life ) , Men don’t have time to hear or listen to rumours , they focus on whom they are dating . But women acts according to what they hear and this doesn’t boost the relationship level ,it can make the relationship fall .

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5. Ex Issues

When you still have your ex in your mind , you tend to let the new lover suffer . Before you can start dating again let go of your last experience and date like never before . When you treat your new lover with the mind you had with your ex , your relationship might fall , cleanse your mind and heart , waken your soul and make your new partner enjoy you !

To be continue ….

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