How to set realistic web analytics targets

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Here are the ways you can set realistic web analytics targets for yourself….



Realistic Web Analytics targets can be seen as the process of analysing the traffic pattern that is coming in or going out of your website. You are able to discover the most visited page on your website as well those pages that are driving visitors away from your website. In my previous articles, I have talked about the concept of web analytics, as well as some of the tools that can be used to measure web analytics. In this article, I want to talk about ways by which you can set realistic targets for your organization. Follow me as we look at that in this article.

web analytics targets

Targets can be seen as numerical values to estimate success or failure of a business. Before you set out, you need to a predetermine target that you want to achieve. It is what you have set that you will now use to determine whether you have succeeded or not at the agreed time when you are trying to review your performance. You need to take this into consideration when setting realistic web analytics targets.

One thing that is very common is that you cannot be doing things the same way and be expecting different result. If you are not able to achieve your goals through a particular campaign, you need to change your campaign strategy.

Realistic web analytics target are based on historical performance….

Target are set based on historical performance. You have to look at what has happened in the past in order to determine a higher target that you are going to set for the future. Your future target must not be the same or lower that what you have set previously. This can only happen when you have not been realistic to yourself earlier.


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Realistic web analytics target demands collaboration with management

Realistic web analytics targets must be set in collaboration with the management. Although it is a website goal, it must be set in collaboration with strategic management for effective result.

Let us assume that you set a target that the video that you just posted on Youtube should be watched by about 1.2Million users. Now after three months, you observed that 1.6 Million users have watched the video. That means you Ads has perform more than you expected. This can forced you to raise the Ads target next time to 2Million users.

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