/Use of Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Project

Use of Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Project


 In this article which is a follow up to my former article where I introduced you to Microsoft Project 2013. I want to introduce you to the Quick Access Toolbar and how it is been used in Microsoft Project 2013.  You should know that the Quick access Toolbar is common to all Microsoft Office. As from Microsoft Office 2013 upward, you will always find the quick access toolbar. Each one of them has its uniqueness. I will briefly introduced you to the Quick Access Toolbar in this article.

Let’s begin



The Quick Access Tool is at the very top of the Microsoft Project 2013 Interface.

quick access toolbar Microsoft project


The  Quick Access toolbar is meant to allow you to have access to your regularly used commands. This make it very easy for you to have access to these commands anytime that you need them.

As you can see in the image above , there is an arrow pointing down, we normally referred to that as a drop down arrow, anytime you see that kind of arrow, most especially in Microsoft Project 2013, It shows you there are more options, let me show you those options:



If you look at the image above very well, the ones that are ticked are the ones that are showing, you can tick more to have more commands in your Quick Access Toolbar. But it not advisable to jam packed this area with commands.



If you also look at that image very well, it has more commands , you can click on that to find more commands as well.

You can see the add or remove button. This helps you to add or remove commands. Make sure you save in order for your new changes to take effect.



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