The question of “How many contacts” in CRM

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Do you know how many contacts you have in your Database ?


Contacts can be seen as the prospective and current customers that are likely to be interested in your products or services. That is why you need to know how many contacts you have at any given time.

In this article, I want to look at how asking the question” How many contacts do we really have ?” How can we help organisations to retain their customers prevent attrition as well.
Customer Relationship Management can be defined as the combination of processes and technologies which focuses on how front offices that is Marketing, Sales and Customer service department as well as business partners comes together in order to do business from customers perspective. Customer Relationship management also allows you to raise exit barrier for customers.
If you can carry out this survey that I want to suggest now. You will be amazed at what you are going to discover. Just go to many organisations that we have around today. Ask this simple question? How many customers do you really have? It will be quite surprising that many of the so called “customer centric” enterprise cannot tell you the actual number of customers that they really have. It is highly pathetic.

Facebook as an example of how many contacts question

Take the Almighty Facebook for example, Mark Zuckerberg can only tell you the total number of active users on Facebook. Telecom industries also suffer the same syndrome. Some of them based their customer on the total number of billing account that they have their database. This to me is not a true picture of the total number of customers in an organisation. Let me quickly answer your questions by telling you what knowing your contacts will do for you.
how many contacts
In asking the , you might want to ask, why is the issue of knowing the total number of customers in your data base so important.

attrition as part of how many contacts question

 In asking the question of how many contacts you have, if you as a customer centric enterprise do not know the total number of your contacts, how will you know if you are losing customers to competitors ? I have said it in my previous articles that there is no way that organisations will not lose customers to competitors . Once it is re than 15 percent of your customer base. It is becoming alarming. You need to do something about it.


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segmentation when asking question about how many contacts

In a customer centric enterprise, there is something we normally refer to as customer segmentation and profiling. This is the process of dividing your customers based on the characteristics that they have in common. You cannot do this effectively without knowing the total number of your contacts .

touch point as part of how many contacts question

In setting up touch point for your contacts, you need to know who your customers and how they are interacting with your organisation. It is when you know who your customers are that you can open up channels through which they can get in touch with the organisation.

In a nutshell…

In asking the question of how many contacts in customer relationship management, understanding your contacts and how many contacts you have is the first step towards is building a customer centric enterprise. This will help you to raise exit barrier for your customers.




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