The concept of Quality in Project Management

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Here are all you need to know about Quality in Project Management….

Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. When we talk of Quality in the sense of it. It means that it has all the features that it supposed to have. We cannot say that a car is of quality if it does not have an engine or tires to move around.


It is also the degree to which the characteristics of a project fulfil its requirements. The stated and implied quality needs are input for devising project requirements. In business , it should be flexible, modifiable and measurable. It is also one of the triple constraints in project management.

These are some of the variables that can affect Quality….


#1 Cost
One of the reasons why a Project Manager might failed is the cost associated with solving a particular project. You are executing project at times to correct things that have gone wrong in your business. If you do not have the required capital to solve a particular problem, you might be forced to manage or patch up. In that case, quality can be compromised.


#2 Time loss
This is another factor that can make quality to be compromised. When you have wasted much time on processes that are not valuable to the project. You might be in a hurry to finish up at the end of the day. This can make the Project Manager to compromise on Quality.


#3 Degree of hazard

Most at times, the degree of hazard associated with a particular problem might not really give room for Quality planning. You can imagine the time that Nigeria was battling with Ebola or Bird Flu or when you need to carry out emergency repair on a building that is already going down. There is high tendency that the Project Manager might not be in proper frame of mind to plan for Quality at that instance.

#4 Pressure to get to market
Have you ever wondered the reason why Software have bugs or loopholes that Hackers can capitalize on? It is simply because Developers are eager to rush to market before their competitors do. When this happen, Quality are always compromised with the hope that they will be fixed later on. This is one of the reasons why you must not joke with updates for your software or Operating system.

#5 Poor design
This is another variable that affects Quality. Once the design or the drawing is wrong right from the onset, there is no way that the output will not be wrong as well. That is why proper planning must be done and document so as to identify areas that can go wrong will project execution is going on.

#6 Unclear direction
When stakeholders are not on the same page as far as the direction for the project is concerned, things are likely to go wrong. That is why Project kick off meetings are very essential so that stakeholders can agree on the direction of the project before the project actually takes off.
#7 Issue with vendors
There are times that Contractors might find it difficult to deliver on Quality. This is likely to affect the quality of deliverables for a Project. That is one of the reasons why Procurement management plan should be one of the vital documents that you must have if external stakeholders will be supplying one thing or the other as part of the deliverables for your project.

#8 Burned out team members

One other variable that can affect the quality of your project is burned out team members. When you overwork your team members just because you want to meet up with deadline, it is likely to have negative impact on the deliverables of your project.
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