Analyzing Qualified Sellers in Project Procurement

Analyzing Qualified Sellers in Project Procurement


Qualified Sellers are sellers who are approved to deliver the products, services, or result based on the procurement requirements identified in a project. The list of qualified sellers can be obtained from historical information about different sellers who delivered the resources required for prior projects executed in your organization.


If the resources you require are new to the organization, you may need to do some research in collaboration with your Purchasing Department to identify qualified sellers for each resource. That research will generate a list of possible sellers, and you will need to interview the prospective sellers, visit there worksites, review work samples, an interview that references, check with certification boards, or use other approaches to validate whether they qualify as sellers for the procurement requirements.

Qualified Sellers in Project Procurement

Please note that if further information is required about the prospective sellers, you can send a Request for Information to each of them to gather details about there capabilities.


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Typical example…

Fourth Mouse Consulting invites bid from sellers for setting up a Wi-Fi network for there new corporate office in Ibadan. The Wi-Fi network needs to meet all specifications of the newly announced governmental regulations. On reviewing the list of there old suppliers, FMC found that none of there suppliers could provide them with a Wi-Fi network that could enable them to meet the government regulations.


An advertisement requesting the submission of information about prospective sellers was announced in all national dailies and business journal. There was an overwhelming response from a large group of sellers’ information, qualified sellers were than called in for a conference, where each sellers were asked to demonstrate there capability in delivering the required product.


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At the end of the presentation, Rudison Technologies and Janrex Inc. were selected as the qualified sellers for the Wi-fi network installation because they met most of the requirements and standards prescribed by Fourth Mouse Consulting management. Later, FMC sent the Request For Proposal to these two organizations and continued the process of seller selection.



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