Examining Project Uniqueness in Organisations.

project uniqueness

In this article, I want to look at some project management uniqueness in organisations the way Project Management Professional sees it.



There are questions that you are going to see in exams that have to do with your understanding of what project management really is. I want to explain it in this article in a way that you will even dream about them.

Examining Project Uniqueness in Organisations.

A Project is considered a temporary endeavour that is undertaken to create a unique, product, service or result.

A project is expected to produce deliverables that never existed before in the project. That is why it is unique because you are bringing to life what never existed before.


When you look at project objectives, it has to do with the outcome that will be used to judge project deliverables. They are the strategic direction that the organisation wants to attain or purpose that the organisation plans to achieve with the project.


Sometimes also, the unique result that you are expecting from projects are called deliverables. They are what stakeholders are expecting to see after you might have completed the processes of a project. Deliverables can also be tangible or intangible depending on the nature of the project.


When you are trying to fulfil these project objectives, it may produce one of the following outputs…

The project objective can produce a unique product that can either be a component of another item. This happens when a project is expected to be a correction of an existing item. For example, we can undertake a project to improve on a project that has a technical flaw from the onset.


A project can also be undertaken to introduce a new service that never existed before. For example, a project can be organised to set up a new branch of a bank or develop a new product that will be introduced to customers in the long run.

It is also possible for a project to be a unique combination of one or more products. That means the features of several products can be combined together in order to create a new product(s) that will appeal to customers.


You should also note that we can have a repetitive element or processes in a project. That does not mean that the process is not unique. An organisation can decide to use the same method to carry out a similar project. This will not take away the unique characteristics of such projects.


Projects are also carried out at the organisational level. It can be carried out by an individual, group of people or two or more organisations. If a project has a large potential, an organisation can decide to partner with other organisations in order to maximize the potentials of the project.


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