Identifying Project Triggers for Projects

Identifying Project Triggers for Projects




There is a need for a Project Manager to identify Project Triggers for Projects. Identifying Project triggers and risks will help you to determine the most effective actions to take for each risk identified. 


Mastering the tools and techniques to identify project risks and triggers ensure that you are prepared to take the appropriate actions at any time. 

project triggers for projects

What then are Project Triggers for projects…

Project triggers are the early warning signs or indications that a risk to your project is about to occur. They could be external factors that influence the project, such as changes in relevant legislation. They could also be internal factors that influence your project, such as changes in sitting, governance, or funding within your organisation. 


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Project triggers must be examined during regularly scheduled risk review session during the life of the project.


Indications of Project Triggers for Projects…

 For a Project involving the production of an independent documentary for television news. Impending television writers strike might be a trigger. If the writing on the documentary is not yet complete, the trigger would indicate a negative risk that critical external resources will not be available during the strike.


If the writing on the documentary is complete, the trigger indicates a positive risk that the network‘s demand for the product could increase in the absence of other new programs. 


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