10 Major Components OF Project Transition Plans

10 Major Components OF Project Transition Plans



Once a Project has been completed, there must be plans to transfer such projects to the end-user. At this stage of development, the Project Manager and the department that will make use of the deliverables of the project will have to work together so that there will be seamless transfer from the Project team to the end user., That is why the Project transition plans have to be in place. It is a form of document that the Project Manager has to prepare and hand over to the project team for execution. 


#1 Scope of Transition

The Transition for the project will show what is covered in the transition process. It will clearly specify what stakeholders need to include or exclude from the transition arrangement. This will ensure that the right thing is been done at every point in time. 


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#2 Identify Stakeholders

The next thing you need when you are preparing project transition plans is to identify stakeholders. Before this time, you have kick-started the process of identifying stakeholders. But not all stakeholders are needed when it comes to the transition of deliverables to end-users. You need to narrow down your list now and work with those that really matter. This is the time for you to identify individuals or groups that will receive the ultimate result of the project.


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#3 Measuring the Project

Whatever you are doing, you should always have a way of measuring whether the project is successful or not. You must collaborate with stakeholders in order to come up with a template. All stakeholders have to agree on what should be measured and how it will be measured along the line. 



#4 Right time

There is a need for the Project Manager to ensure that the projects are been delivered at the right time. He must know the right time to hand over the project to the end-user and work towards making sure that there is a seamless transfer of the deliverable in a way that the end-users can sustain the project.



#5  Resource Release Plan

In most projects, it might be possible that your resources came in at different times but they may not likely leave at the same time. As a Project Manager, when your project is coming to a close, you have to determine how the resources will be released from the project. This will also indicate what each of the resources must do after they have played their own roles in the project. 


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#6 Financial Closure Plan

As part of your Project Transition Plans, you need to create a Financial Closure Plan, this is a document that will highlight what you have been given for the project as well as what you have spent so far. This will allow you to return all unspent money back into the coffer of the organization. 


I have always tell my students that the fact that you have unspent money does not mean you should convert into personal use or use it for what has not been budgeted for. It has to be returned. It is not yours. 



#7 Contract Closure Requirements

As part of the Project transition Plans, you have to make sure that all contacts have been done to specifications. You also have to make sure that all components of the project procurements are done according to specifications stated by stakeholders for the contract. This will ensure that stakeholders are happy with the deliverables of the contract at the end of the day.


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#8 Deliverable receipt

As part of the entire process, you need to state out the process for transferring the deliverables to the end-users. You must have had meetings with stakeholders and make sure that they are carried along when it comes to what they should expect from the project team. This will assist the organization in following a well laid out plan so as to achieve project goals. 



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