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7 Main Agenda For First Project Team Meeting

first project team meeting
  • 7 Main Agenda For First Project Team Meeting


Project meetings are meetings held among the project stakeholders to discuss or convey project-related information to team members and stakeholders. Meetings, such as team meetings, management meetings, and company meetings, may also include discussions about each project. In this article, I want to look at seven main agendas for the first project meeting. Follow me as we look at this together in this article. 

first project team meeting

#1 Reinforcing Project Assignment document

The project team meeting can be used to reinforce the project team assignment that has been done earlier. It can be used to remind the team members of the roles that they need to play in the project and ensure that nobody ended up doing another person’s task. 


#2 Introduction

Also, the first project team meeting can also be used to introduce team members that will be participating in the project. This will allow the team members to familiarize themselves with other team members. It might be the first step towards bonding of the team members.


#3 Goals and objectives

You can also use this meeting to state and restate the goals and objectives of the project. This will allow team members to ask questions and prepare themselves towards achieving those goals and objectives.


#4 Contact information

There is a need for the team members to also have contact information most especially those that will be working together on the project. This will also give room for free flow of communication within and outside the project.


#5 Establishing timelines

At the first project team meeting , the project manager will have to establish timeline and milestones for the project which the project team members have to adhere to. He will also use the same period to ask task to team members as well.


#6 Potential project issues

Further more, you can use the meeting to discuss potential project issues that might likely surfaced when you are about to execute the project.  This will also allow the project manager to work with other stakeholders in mitigating some of the risks that have been identified for the project .


#7 Setting ground rules

I have talked about ground rules in one of my previous article. There is a need for you to set ground rules that will guide team member and stakeholders . At times , you might ban stakeholders from communicating project changes with team members. You might also ban team members from discussing project issues with those that are outside the organization .

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