Examining Project Staff Assignments for Projects

Examining Project Staff Assignments for Projects


Project Staff Assignments is the assignment of people who will work on the project, whether full-time, part-time or as needed. This includes members of the project office and all other members of the project team. It usually involves a team directory, memos to or from team members, and project organization charts and schedules. 



Pre Assignment is the allocation of project team members to project activities, even before the project has officially kicked off. These resources could be key resources who have the expertise to perform a particular function in the project to have been promised during a competitive proposal.

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Susan Thomas has been authorized as the Project Manager for the company’s website development project. During the initiation phase, she realized that the services of the company ‘s Java Developer, David Robinson, were required during the month of October, in order to complete her project on time. Therefore, she immediately secured the services of the programmer for that time period.

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