5 Ways Project Sponsor Can Guarantee Project Success

Here are the four ways a Project Sponsor can guarantee Project Success..

In my previous articles on the programme management for the Corporate Information Factory project, I have looked at the role of some of the “Getting Data in” team such as the Business Sponsor, Data steward, Organizational Change Agent, Program Manager and Project leader among other teams that are responsible for preparing data for onward processing. In this article, 

I want to look at the role of the Technical Sponsor plays in CRM Project. Follow me as we look at the role of these crucial team members’ together.

project sponsor
  His roles…
One of the roles that the Technical Sponsor play in CRM Projects is that he is responsible for garnering business support for the construction of the data warehouse. He is expected to obtain the support of the technical personnel for the project. He is also expected to recruit professionals who will work on the project as well. 


The Technical Sponsor is expected to be the most senior I.T personnel in other organization who really understand who at the organization is trying to achieve in the long run.

His qualities…

#1 CRM technical knowledge

Another role that the Technical Sponsor play in  CRM projects is that of a coordinator. He is expected to have an in-depth knowledge of tools that are needed in order to achieve the organisation’s customer relationship management objectives. 

It is also believed that he may not have the knowledge of how to choose that will have little or no limitation on the enterprise. The Technical Sponsor should have in-depth knowledge of customer relationship management Corporate Information Factory and how it can help the organisations to achieve its objectives.


#2 Decisiveness
One other role that the Technical Sponsor play in CRM projects is that of a Decision maker. He may be called upon at times to make decisions as regard customer relationship management and how the tools that are being adopted can help the organization to achieve customer relationship management objective. He must be able to make the decisions on feet and be ready to defend the consequences of his decisions.


#3 Authority
One other role that The Technical Sponsor play in CRM projects is that of an Authority. He must have the necessary authority to acquire funding for any tools that might be needed in order to make the construction of Corporate Information Factory a success. He must be given all the power that he needs in order to coordinate the construction of the corporate information factory for the sake of customer centricity in the organization.


#4 Respect
One of the roles that the Technical Sponsor in  CRM Projects is that of an individual that can be looked up to. The Technical Sponsor must be accorded every respect that he deserves in order to achieve the objectives of his project. 

The Technical Sponsor must be an individual that has the utmost respect for others and he is well respected by all stakeholders as well. He must be able to get all the maximum support that he needs in order to make the whole Corporate Information Factory program a success.


#5 Commitment
The Technical Sponsor must be committed to the success of the Corporate Information Factory success. He must have the basic knowledge of what having a centralized database of customers can do for the success of the organization’s customer-centricity strategy. This will ultimately keep him going when the going got tough.


The main challenges…


#1 Constant funding
One thing is clear, it is not every one project that is calling for the attention of the organization’s territory. If the Technical fails to get the required capital that is needed to execute the customer centricity corporate information factory program, it will definitely mitigate against its success. The Technical Sponsor needs to buy in all stakeholders in order to make his project a success.


#2 Sustained  momentum
There will also be a period that nothing seems moving in the organization, the Technical Sponsor has to come in at this period to give the stakeholders the necessary encouragement that they need. He must be able to communicate the benefits of having a Corporate Information Factory and the reasons why failure is not an option.


#3 Demand for quick delivery
The success of a good customer-centric strategy in any organization is dependent on building a strong foundation for such an endeavour. The Technical Sponsor has to ensure that due process is been followed in building the corporate information factory. This will ensure that a long-lasting solution is developed for the organization.

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