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Key Concepts For Project Schedule Management


Key Concepts For Project Schedule Management

Project schedule management provides a detailed plan that represents how and when the project will deliver the product, services and result defined in the project scope and serves as a tool for communication, managing stakeholders’ expectations, and a basis for performance reporting.

Project schedule management
The Project Management team selects a scheduling method, such as a critical path or an agile approach. Then, the project-specific data, such as the activities, planned dates, durations, resources, dependencies,  and constraints, are entered into a scheduling tool to create a schedule model for the project. The result is a project schedule.

The project schedule management plan provides a scheduling overview that shows how the scheduling method, scheduling tool, and outputs from the project schedule management processes interact to create a scheduling model.

When talking about schedule management activities for projects, it involves all activities that a project manager has to perform in order to ensure that a project finishes on time. It allows the Project Manager to put all factors into considerations in order to make sure that the project meets up with it’s deadline.

For smaller projects, defining activities, sequencing activities, estimating activity durations, and developing the schedule model are so tightly linked that they are viewed as a single process that can be performed by a person over a relatively short period of time.

These processes are presented here as distinct elements because the tools and techniques for each process are different.

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