What is a Project Schedule in Project Management

What is Project Schedule in Project management

A project Schedule in project management can be defined as the Project team’s plan for starting and finishing activities on specific dates and in a certain sequence. It is the time that each of the activities that needed to be performed on a project will be carried out project objectives.

When you are involved in a project. You must be very sure that you have set the time that each of the activities will take place in that project. I once once in an organisation where everything goes.

There was an instance where we agreed to do something cogent at a public gathering, at the end of the day it was never done because we fail to plan. That is why you have to decide on what you want to do before it was actually done. That is where project schedule comes in project management. It is that project schedule that will later become baseline that you will use to monitor the progress of your project.

The purpose of project schedule in Project management

The purpose of the Project schedule is to coordinate activities on the project so that we can have a master plan in order to complete the project on time. Project schedule serves as the baseline through which you can monitor your project activities and ensure that activities are finished on time.

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It is also used to monitor the performance of your project. You are able to track your project performance with it. It is through the monitoring of the project schedule that you can state whether your project is on track behind schedule or above schedule.

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