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Examining Project Organisation Project Management

project organizational project management

Examining Project Organisation Project Management



In this article, I want to look at some of the facts that we need to know about Project Organisation Project Management. I need to look at this stage because in one way or the other the way a Project is been executed will always affect operations in the entire organisation.


I will look at them in terms of definition, scope, change, planning, management, monitoring and success among others. Follow me as we begin that journey together.

6 Aspects of Project Organisational Project Management


A project can be defined as a temporary endeavour that is been carried out in an organisation in order to achieve a unique result. It also has a beginning and an ending date. No matter what, every project that is been executed by an organisation always have a unique result.


#1 Scope as part of Project Organisation Project Management

Projects always have a defined objective and scope. There are some things that are part of or not part of a project. A good Project Manager is expected to work in line with the defined scope of the project. Some times, the scope of a project can be progressively elaborated in order to increase the scope of the project.


#2 Change as part of Project Organisation Project Management

By and large, as a Project Manager, you should expect change at any stage of your project. It is just every change that will be approved to an existing project must undergo normal change management procedure established by the organisation. The organisation need to look at the impact of new change on the already approved cost and scope of the project. This is being done in order to keep projects under control.

#3  Planning as part of Project Organisation Project Management

One essential thing that Project Managers need to do to plan for the successful execution of their projects. The Project managers need to plan how all project activities will be carried out with the defined cost, scope and cost of the project. He also needs to plan how the project will be progressively elaborated without comprising the quality of the project.


#4 Management as part of Project Organisation Project Management

Also, The Project Manager needs to manage the project in order to achieve its stated goals. He needs to carry all stakeholder along in order to gather the project requirements and give the stakeholders exactly what they are looking for.


#5 Monitoring as part of Project Organisation Project Management

Under monitoring in Project Organizational Project Management. The Project Manager has to monitor and control the project in order to deliver the right value to stakeholders. He has to ensure that only the approved tasks are being performed by his team members. At times, if the tasks are monitored, it can lead to Scope creep. It is a situation where the scope of projects is being increased without a corresponding increase in the cost of the project.


#6 Success as part of Project Organisation Project Management

One of the things that will be measured for any project is the success level of the project. This will be measured based on the level of adherence to cost, scope as well as the quality level of the project. It also has to do with how far you are able to comply with the requirements of the project stakeholders. That is why as a project manager, you have to make sure that you are fully in charge. You must accept responsibility for success and failure of your project.


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