What Project Managers Understand As Effort

This article examines what Project managers understand as an effort…

Effort can be defined as the measure of labour that must be applied to the completion of a particular task or work package. 

The unit for measuring effort in project management is always in person-days or person-hours or person-months. We are just referring to how many individuals will have to work on a particular task before it is been completed.

Take, for example, if you have to clear a plot of land, it might take one person ten days but you can send two people and it will take them only five days. That is what an effort is.
Some terms…

#1 Effort driven

Effort-driven is a term that is used to describe a task that can be completed faster if additional energy or labour is been applied to that particular task. It is just like the example of the clearing of land that I gave you earlier in this article.

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#2 Elapsed time
Elapsed time is the actual calendar of time required for any activity from start to finish. It is the actual time it will take to complete a particular task.

Let’s say, for example, we want to develop a particular software which is going to take two weeks and there is labour unrest for a week. That means it will now take four weeks for the task to be completed. That is the elapsed time for that task.

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