3 levels of Project Manager Competencies for Projects

3 levels of Project Manager Competencies for Projects


The discussions about Project Manager competencies is an intricate one. In many professions, a professional is expected to be knowledgeable in one specific area but a Project Manager is expected to know little of many areas and integrate many disciplines at once. Despite all, there are some basic skills that a good Project Manager is expected to have.

Project manager competencies

A recent PMI study applied the Project Manager competencies development t framework to the skills needed by Project Manager’s the use of the PMI knowledge Triangle. Here are the three skill sets that a Project Manager must have to manage a project successfully.

#1 Technical Project Manager

These are the knowledge, skills and behaviours related to specific domains of project, program and portfolio management. Despite the fact that you are not expected to know all that is needed to perform a particular task, the Project Manager still needs to know some of the technicalities of any task that he needs to decide on. This will allow them to make a sound judgement over matters brought before him.


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#2 Leadership

The Project Manager is a leader. he must be able to act as such as all variant of stakeholders look up to him for leadership. This leadership aspect of Project Manager knowledge Triangle involves the knowledge, skills and behaviour needed to guide, motivate and direct a team, to help an organisation to achieve its a business goal.

#3 Strategic and Business Management

This includes the knowledge of and expertise in the industry and organisation that enhance performance and better deliver outcomes. This includes knowledge in the knowledge areas, process groups as well as the use of tools techniques for project success.


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While technical project management skills are core to Program and Project Management. PMI research indicates that they are not enough in today’s increasingly complicated and comprehensive global marketplace. Organisations are seeking added skills in leadership and business intelligence.


Also, members of various organisation state their belief that these competencies can support long-range strategic objectives that contribute to the bottom line. To be the most effective, the project manager needs to have a balance of these three skill sets.



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