4 Ways Project Manager Activities Boost PMO Roles

project manager activities

4 Ways Project Manager Activities Boost PMO Roles




There are ways that the Project Manager activities can boost the effectiveness of the PMO in any organization. The PMO is the department established to monitor the activities of Project Managers in an organization. They are also to ensure that Project Managers follow best practices when they are performing their roles. In this article, I want to look at some of the ways that Project Manager activities can increase the effectiveness of the PMO.



One of the major roles of the Project Manager is that he maintains a strong advocacy role in the organization. He is expected to actively interact with other Functional Managers during the course of project execution. He is also expected to work with the Project Sponsor to address internal political and strategic issues that may impact the team or the viability or quality of the project.

project manager activities


The Project Manager may also work towards increasing project management competency and capabilities within the organization. The Project Manager assists the PMO in transferring tacit and explicit knowledge and integration. At times, he might be forced to look for Facilitators to train his team members on the critical skills needed for the project.



 One of the roles of the Project Manager in relation to the Project Management Office is the ability to demonstrate the value of the project. He is to sell the Project to other stakeholders. He has to ensure that he has buy-in from all critical stakeholders in order for the project to succeed. It is the type of value the PM demonstrates that will determine whether he will have stakeholder support or not.



There are many organizations that feel Project management and PMO are not necessary. How an organization perceives PMO depends on the role the Project Manager plays in managing a successful project. The Project Manager needs to be technical in his work and ensure he pays attention to details in order to boost the acceptability of project management in the organization.



The Project Manager also plays a major role in advancing the efficiency of the PMO in the organization. The PMO provides best practices training to Project Managers which they are expected to apply to their projects. The effective utilization of this training by Project Managers will increase the acceptability level of Project Management knowledge and practices within the organization.


Depending on the organizational structure that the Project Manager operates in, he may report to a Functional Manager or PMO. He may also report to a Portfolio Manager who supervises enterprise-wide projects, The Project Manager also works with other functional managers and PMO in order to achieve project objectives. He also makes sure that Project aligns with organizational goals and objectives.


The Project Manager also works in collaboration with other roles as Organizational Manager, Subject Matter Experts, and Business Analyst among others to achieve project goals. It is also possible for a Project Manager to be a consultant external to the organization.



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